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piano man

                                       DAVID ALEN CLAY


His great musical skill and his outstanding talent have made Alen a very versatile and in-demand musician and singer over the years. His musical skill is shown on the grand piano and keyboard, , or in arranging and writing. His soulful voice and his musical approach are just a few of the reasons for a long list of references,

Alen began his musical journey at 7 by studyin clasic piano and in a music the age of fourteen he was playing the piano and keyboards on his first band for which he realeved an exceptional talent, and he even began trying his hand at song writing in that period.In the time Alen become more and more drawn by singing , so few years leater he become a vocalist in the rock band ,,Cronos`` performed susccesfully in many clubs and participated in rock festivalals, where Alen`s musical talent was often praised. At the age of 20 he was touring as a piano entertainer in Turkey, His stunning piano solos and his strong versatile voice brought him acclaim from his audiences , In Austria was touring with ,a coutry band .,,Bistrita Bulls`` had succses all over the country, the band becomeing popular in no time.From 1997 Alen has start to play in Norway in diferent piano bars, pubs, hotels.With an exceptional entertainer`s talent and a wide repertoire from :pop,standards,blues,country,disco, ballades,boggie, rock, to the latest pop hits , and a great contact with hes audience, made Alen one of the most wanted from the agency,

,,Win the crowd and than you win your freedom! The piano its my lifes stage! he often say that to his friends,

Alen is an extremely skillfull pianist and vocalist with several years experience as a pianobar-entertainer in Norway at numerous pianobars, who all want him back. You have to search well to find a more wanted pianist! Through his amazing play at the piano, he actually manages to express living pictures to the audience. He makes the piano "speak"! He admires Elton John,Jerry Lee Lewis,Billy joel,Joshua Kadison and his pianostyle is similar to his idols,

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